Monday, 6 April 2015

A Spring Palette #OOTD

On our way to Easter Dinner

Happy Easter!

It isn’t much of a sacred holiday for me, but my family celebrates. This year, though, I really pushed for a family get together. And that one little push somehow got 18 people together!

This weekend (and the weeks leading up to it) was very busy and very tiring. I moved, yay! I have a brand spanking new apartment in a lovely little quadruplex in downtown Toronto. I almost can’t believe my luck with this place and it’s all mineeeeeee. I even got new tableware to celebrate (which I had to fight over at Target)

We moved on Good Friday (sacrilegious I’m sure). Although I have apparently earned myself the gold standard of packing, moving was an all-day affair. Hilariously, Ajay couldn’t stand two hours without internet so he decided I needed a TV and went out and bought one in 5 minutes flat. No complaints there though I do wish the internet thing would hurry up.

We said we'd cook, but we ended up ordering in from a Middle Eastern place, forgoing the traditional Chinese eats of move-in days. What we got was a lot of food. A whole lot.

Yes hi we'd like to order two of everything. 
Our Easter Dinner was the following day and I wanted to embrace the season. Spring. It’s spring. Though the weather hasn’t figured that out yet.


I bought this very classic dress from M for Mendocino a few weeks back and haven’t had the chance to properly show it off. I love the high mock neck and the sleek lines of it. Plus the modest length really makes this piece a show-stopped. I find I’m really going for the more classic cuts and lengths now adays. There’s something so satisfying about dressing up like a lady… especially when one isn’t a lady.

The leather jacket by Vera Moda, also an M for Mendocino find creates a contrasting edge to the dress, bringing a more casual element in to the mix. The Nehru collar is a bit of a throw back and compliments the clean lines of the dress.

Finally a touch of gold jewelry with bangles by Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and periwinkle mules bring the outfit together. The shoes play off the colour of the dress, a lighter and more royal colour than the blue stripes but within the same family (cousins, maybe).

Of course we had to have two seasons this weekend. The beautiful double digit weather was such a tease since the next day brought a nice white layer of snow. A girl can only dream for permanent sandal weather.

And as a sneak peek, here is how my apartment is coming along:
Dutch Houses for my nieuwe huis!

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