Sunday, 26 April 2015

Housewarming To Ensue

I have got to apologize for the delay. Things have been moving so quickly on my end I can hardly keep up. Plus I've been sick for what feels like two straight weeks. Today is the first day in a month where I feel like I have a spare moment!

I just moved into a brand new place, and I absolutely adore it. It's hard being a real #grownup and paying all the bills though. This is the first time I am all alone - no roommate, no nothing! Well, except Megara. But she's staying with my folks until everything it properly settled, meow!

My favourite furry girl, Megara
I had my first Ikea run yesterday and bought actual furniture. I mayyyyy have overestimated just how much space I have, however. There is gonna be a lot of reorganizing going on over here. As I'm writing this I'm already thinking about a third option as to where to put my couch.

But it's been great. And peaceful. I've never felt more independent. Of course, I haven't actually paid the rent yet. I'll get back to you next week when I'm in the hole.

Ajay brought the dog, and then we had a family nap

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