Monday, 16 March 2015

The Best Place for a Manicure in Toronto - Her Majesty's Pleasure

When my friend Aggie arranged for manicures at Her Majesty's Pleasure I was more than thrilled. It's not often that I pamper myself, but I should really make it a habit. Her Majesty's Pleasure has, by far, the best manicure in Toronto.

She gave our boyfriends the hard sell, explaining that there was a separate and extensive bar where they could catch up while we indulged. And there was a beautiful bar with great bartenders, but the view of all the girly things HMP held for Aggie and I was not persuasive for them. Needless to say, they ditched us to go to the nearest scotch bar. Their loss, I say!

My girlfriend, Sarah, of The Coffee Filter, convinced me I needed this bright blue Jelly bear purse pictured here with the bar selection at Her Majesty's Pleasure

The place is absolutely beautiful and pristine. It's like out of fashion heaven I swear to the gods above. Every detail is perfect with polished marble countertops, pictures and paintings of great Queens lining the walls and floor to ceiling windows overlooking King St. West. Aggie and I both just had a speedy mani, but HMP has a full suite of salon services worth considering 

The most beautiful polish selection at Her Majesty's Pleasure

If you haven't been keeping up with Britton Diaries, Periwinkle is my newest obsession. This colour just perfectly encapsulates spring for me, and I sprung to have a periwinkle manicure.

My manicure colour on the far left, "Boxer Shorts"

Aggie and I got to chatting over a pair of Pear Amaretto cocktails which went down far too quickly. Our boyfriends are best friends and so we can relate pretty perfectly with whatever relationship drama, ups and downs and funny anecdotes brought to the table. Talking with her was just so.. refreshing. I'm not sure if it's a Latin thing, but Aggie is such a great listener - when you speak to her, it's like she's really invested in what you have to say.

But best of all were the manicurists. Yes, they did an absolutely stellar job taking their time and correcting any blemishes, but they too were just such great conversation. It's kind of a silly, but whenever I get a manicure I think of Legally Blonde. You know, when Elle stumbles upon Paulette's salon and it's like a therapy and manicures session in one? Well I always want that and never find it, but the girls of Her Majesty's Pleasure are so warm and charming. It really makes the whole experience.

My manicure lasted about a week. I'm always sad when it starts to chip, but isn't that just a perfect excuse to go back to get the best manicure in Toronto?

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