Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Crushes of Our Teenage Selves

Friends is finally on Netflix. I repeat: Friends is finally on Netflix! Of course, this means that for at least the ensuing month no one between the ages of 21-45 will be getting much done.

Right now I'm in the middle of "The One with Frank Jr." and the concept of the "Freebie List" came up. Chandler bemoans someone on Janice's freebie list, and then explains to the group what he means. A freebie list is a list of 5 celebrities who, should the opportunity arise, one could sleep with and not be considered a cheat. More than a little silly, especially when you consider that Jessica Rabbit is on Chandler's list.

I like to think she's saying "Ahhhh Patriarchy" here

But in all seriousness this had me considering my own, and inevitably I began to think of who I really used to obsess over. Any guesses?

When I was thirteen I was in love (no I swear I thought I was!) with Elijah Wood.
Wait, what now?
When the Fellowship of the Ring came out (I think I may have been 11 when I first saw it) and all the girls in my class were oohing and awing over Legolas' shiny hair I was obsessing over Frodo. And I'm not using the word obsess lightly here. As my love for dear Frodo only strengthened movie by movie I was convinced by the time I was thirteen and puberty and I were BFFs that if I could only just explain to Mr. Wood why we were meant for each other, he'd see it to.

Girl, you be tripping.
I distinctly remember beginning to write a letter and starting with "I know we're ten years apart, but I'm very mature for my age" or some such crap. I had all these daydreams about bumping into him at afterparties (Oh yea, I was famous too) and reeling him in with my adorable and aloof persona.

I was in deep, and spent hours scouring the internet for photos of him. My room was literally plastered with Elijah Wood photos like this one:

You're creeping me out. Just stop.
One day I finally got over Elijah Wood. I had moved on to Daniel Radcliffe.

So now, of course, is the prime time to publicly humiliate myself. Dear Elijah Wood, I'm sorry for being your creepy fangirl way back when. 

Do you remember your first celebrity crush? Did you go a little too gung-ho like a certain someone? Tell all in the comments below!

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