Monday, 21 July 2014

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Last year I was selected for a Summer internship with the Royal Ontario Museum. It was, hands down, the most definitive experience of my life thus far. Up until this opportunity I was certain I was certain that I would be applying for my masters in archaeology, and then subsequently complete my PhD. I thought that I would be doing fieldwork during the Summers and teaching during the school years.

Designing displays 
Photos by N. Ali

Now I am looking forward to applying for a masters in museum studies. Sure, the degree is adjacent to my original plans but changing course, for me at least, can be difficult. But the major difference is that I no longer see myself as a lifelong academic. That of course does not mean that I will not be a lifelong student.

While working as a summer intern with the Department of World Cultures at the ROM I had the chance to get up close and personal with ancient artifacts. As part of the programme a colleague and I under the guidance of my mentor and ROM Fellow, Dr. Kate Cooper designed and implemented temporary displays to go out on the museum floor.

Colleague and I designing the displays
Dr. Kay Sunahara putting our temporary displays in the Greek and Roman galleries 
Photos by Dr. Kate Cooper

This past weekend I visited the galleries again and to my surprise these displays are still out!

It seems I will be returning to the ROM now: I've been asked to join a team of educational volunteers in the hands-on galleries. The ROM has been a bit of a sanctuary for me all throughout my undergrad as I often escaped to this museum to study and, when I had the luxury, wander the galleries. I'm excited to be learning, and I'm excited to be teaching, and most of all I'm excited to be back.

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