Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Canadian Reception

Last year my sister married the love of her life. Heather and Timo are a perfect balance for one another and I couldn't be happier for them. Their wedding was held in Amsterdam:

Seeing as how most of our family is in Canada, Heather and Timo hosted a second reception here in Toronto just last weekend. My mother has a wonderful garden and it was the perfect setting for their Canadian reception. Just as in their wedding our family buckled down to do some good old-fashioned DIY.

While Mum and I handled the garden and decorations with help from our family friend Wes, Heather and Timo handled the food. Timo is a chef back in the Netherlands and cooked up a storm of pulled pork, enough potato salad to feed a small nation and our favourite bean salad from the Ottolenghi cookbook. Heather made the cake, just as she did for their wedding day! (Talk about stressful. Can you imagine making your own wedding cake?) Their wedding topper, the iconic Dutch kissing kids was the perfect choice. 

And, of course my boyfriend performed admirably as he was interrogated by my family. How one person can charm a crowd like that I'll never know.

Oh hey Ajay
Au Revoir!

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