Saturday, 17 January 2015

Traipsing Through the German Forest

On Second Day Christmas (the 26th for all you non-Dutchies out there) my sister, her husband and I ventured out to see her in-laws. Heather had told me before how magical Timo's family's place in Germany was: an old inn in a village of three hundred right smack in the middle of the forest.

We don't often have times to disconnect in a world ruled by the Gods of Signal. Being there was like being in another time. Our days were spent venturing through the brush, and our nights huddled around the big dining table, fire to our backs, deep in conversation over cups of Glühwein (mulled wine).

Taking the dogs for a walk
Our merry band of travelers: Bernard, Sebastian, Timo and I
Abandoned brickworks
Frosted stream

Playing a little fetch in the fields
Heading back into the village
Perfect old German cottage
"Forest and Forestry Museum"
The family's Inn
The second day there we caught the tail end of a Christmas market the next town over. As I am quite crazy for Christmas this was spectacularly fun for me. The interesting building below is where you can get a steaming cup of mulled wine, or even eggnog (though by then I'd already had too much sugar). You give a deposit (a pfand) for a ceramic cup that your wine comes in. I think you really are meant to give the cup back and get back your 2€, but I kept it as a keepsake.

Glühwein at the Christmas Market, Germany
Charming architecture in Germany
Chomping down on a Nutella filled crepe... moments after a humongous bratwurst
Enjoying the fireside and a rustic German life

Sometimes I really think I could live out a rustic life. Long conversations and the slow way suite me.

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