Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Cut for Cancer With Nicole's Hair Studio

Although getting there was a total nightmare due to the Scotiabank marathon the memory of that difficult trek quickly faded as I was welcomed into Nicoles Hair Studio. Made up with splendid festivity the studio was transformed into a beauty parlour straight from the silver screen. Today they're hosting an all-out cut-a-thon with cuts for $25 and all proceeds going towards cancer research.

Julie, the receptionist, took me through the studio. The space is in an old building, as are most storefronts in the Beach, but you wouldn’t know it from how well the place is renovated. They’ve been open for 5 years here in the Beach but this is the first time they’re holding the cut-a-thon. “We’re hoping to make it an annual thing” I was told by Julie, and I find myself hoping so too.

What I love about these neighbourhood events is that everyone pitches in and it has a way of bringing the neighbourhood together. Nicole’s sister is here helping out and pepping everyone up with her bubbly personality. Local vendors have donated items to be raffled off and sold with proceeds going toward research for breast cancer. Cupcakes, mini gluten-free donuts and cotton candy tempt me.

“We expect about 50” Julie, the receptionist told me when I asked how many patrons the studio would see that day. I’m pleasantly surprised to see as many men as I do women, especially considering Breast Cancer doesn't discriminate

I wait for Rhys, who I’ve seen before. I can’t express the pain it is for me to find a stylist I trust. I think I interviewed quite a few before I met Rhys, and he swept me off my feet with his confidence, and most of all his honesty. Plus he handles my chair anxiety like a champ. Today I’m entrusting him with my outgrown golden locks. Before I get my turn to say goodbye Rhys takes the scissors to the hair of someone incrediby brave. 12 inches later and sporting a cute pixie cut her donation is bound to make someone very happy.

“What are we doing today?” “Let’s chop it off.” I'm inspired.

I’m nervous when I sit in the chair and suddenly I feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend, but I couldn't be happier with the finished result. My tangled mess finally has some control.

Of course, my favourite part of any event is the swag bag - silly, I know, but as my beauty routine evolves I love getting the chance to try out new products and figure out what works for me.

I use the Icon leave-in conditioner every day on my ends and my hair feels soft and strong every day.

Check out Nicole's Hair Studio and don't forget to follow their Twitter @Nicoleshair1 and like their Facebook page!

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