Thursday, 27 November 2014

A #DecadeofGlamour with Marciano

The lovely girls of Lotus Leaf and Marciano were kind enough to extend an invite to Marciano's 10th anniversary celebration. A #DecadeofGlamour was hosted by Fashion Magazine and Jenny Javonovic of Crazy Style Love. I've always been a fan of Marciano's bold use of color, and trendy statement pieces. And given the overwhelming turnout for the event I can safely say I'm not alone.

The whole store as a awash in glitz and glamour, from the crisply dressed waiters serving Barefoot wine, to the dolled up store associates in their sleek Marciano outfits.

I got a first hand look at the new Marciano. The store manager explained to me that Marciano is embarking on a brand new marketing strategy, literally knocking down the divide between Guess and Marciano to create a new seamless shopping experience that cross-promotes each brand. While I consider myself a Marciano girl, the combining of the two stores opened up a whole world of awesome denim I never before considered.

The Marciano side of the store offered guests a makeover courtesy of Winks Eyelash Boutique, while on the other side, Guess was buzzing thanks to the DJ, and a fun pop-up photo-booth stocked with fake moustaches and boas. I even ran into fellow blogger-in-arms, Awesome Jenn Jenn.

I tried with all my might to be objective and not give in to the beautiful new arrivals on display. Marciano is so tailored to my fashion style. Dramatic, bold and riddled with vintage touches. From shoes, to accessories, to clothing everything caught my eye.

Ultimately, my efforts were all in vain. I fell in love with a killer floor-length red gown with a plunging neckline and happily surrendered my credit card.

(Pst! You can buy this Arabella Draped dress online here)
I received a special gift with my purchase and was overwhelmed by Marciano's generosity.

I loved the bangles but they are just too big for my arms. I absolutely love the John Freida Frizz Eaze Nourishing Oil Elixir. I use it every day and my hair has never looked better. The "Wear Me/Wash Me" laundry traveller is super cute and it will definitely come with my on my next trip. It's kind of ingenious.

A #DecadeofGlamour was a roaring success. Not only was it a beautiful celebration of 10 years of fantastic fashion, but it introduced a sure-to-be successful new store idea. The combining of Marciano and Guess will introduce customers to the sister brand they may not be familiar with and inspire fashionistas everywhere.

Happy 10 years Marciano!


  1. Love the red dress! What size did you purchase? I'm deciding between an XS and an S

    1. Thank you! It's my favourite dress right now. I bought an XS, which is still a little generous. I'm regularly a size 2-4 and pretty broad.

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