Wednesday, 29 October 2014

World MasterCard Fashion Week - Fashion Saturday

Fashion Week has come and gone and I'm here to fill you in on what you missed. I and blogger Sarah Rose of The Fashion Filter checked out World MasterCard Fashion Week's Fashion Saturday presented by BMO. Saturday highlighted Canadian designers, and I couldn't be more proud of the ambitious fashions on display.

One of my favourite things about fashion week is seeing how the attendees dress. It's like an entirely other kind of fashion show.

 Fashion is about breaking rules, and I couldn't be more sick of the "no white after labor day" law. I've always had trouble mixing my metallics, and that's the theme behind this look: mixed metallics. You may remember this white quilted midi skirt, courtesy of Topshop at the Bay, from the post "Out and About Double Date to Yasu". I was so hesitant to put this away with my summer clothes because I was sure I could get more out of it. The gold textured crop top is thrifted and has been sitting in my closet for longer than I'd like to admit. It has an interesting silhouette with a dramatic V at the front, and big covered buttons at the back. The mixed metallic clutch, if you can believe, was a find from Chinatown along Spadina. I've made a concerted effort to seek out hidden gems and there are so many little unassuming stores in Chinatown! I finished this look with sleek silver stilettos from Aldo shoes. The cut of the leather mixed with the clear plastic creates a dramatic V to match the cut of the crop top.

Sarah and I were invited backstage to see a rare glimpse of all the action happens pre-show. Guess what? Now you can glimpse it too!

Models get cold! (More than most others, jokes the makeup artist)

Jumping in on Sarah's #selfie

Makeup was courtesy of Maybelline New York, hair courtesy of Redken.

And of course, Fashion Week is all about the fashion. We glimpsed the highlights of Spring 2015, and gabbed with hairstylists and makeup artists about the easy-going beauty of the upcoming season.

My favourite looks for the upcoming season came from Hayley Elsaesser, Matthew Galagher and Stephan Caras. All three designers showcased an updated silhouette, a step away from traditional cuts but distinctly feminine.

Haley Elsaesser

Haley Elsaesser made use of bright colors and textured details. Her collection was awash in prints of mouths and hands, in what reminded me of Fall 2014's popular print of eyes. 

Matthew Galagher

Matthew Gallagher showcased brilliant pastels and a blue reminiscent of the late 90's early 2000's. His looks were sleek and detailed not with extra embellishment, but with a mixup in fabric, allowing the pieces to be more open to interpretation

Stephan Caras

Stephan Caras channeled 70's glam with his collection of golden gowns. His opening piece showcased matching separates with a flowing train. His looks varied in cuts, from cropped separates with exaggerated sleeves to long haltered gowns. I was particularly fond of this last piece shown above with clean lines and a loose turtle-neck.

After the show I had an opportunity to meet and chat with the designers. There's nothing quite like talking shop with someone so talented and creative. To see the thought processes behind each piece is truly eye-opening and connects you to creative process behind each piece of fashion. It's so great to see such great fashion coming out of Canada and I couldn't be more proud of the work done.

I can't wait for the next Fashion Week, and you know I'll be there to give you the inside scoop!

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