Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mount Pleasant Village Harvest Fair

Toronto has a serious lack of Fall festivals. I still want to go check out my elementary school fair, but a 22 single white female may be a bit alarming. There is just something so charming about fairs. I love perusing homemade goodies and the stuff of local artisans.

I somehow managed to convince Ajay to come with me to the Harvest Fair.

It was quaint and small and we like the neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised by all the free grub, and I was particularly pleased by the consignment sales. And best of all there were free massages. Sounds like a pretty good Saturday afternoon to me.

This guy wouldn't turn around for a photo. I think we was camera shy. At least I got this good shot of his rump!

Cute ducklings with funny haircuts.

And best of all was the pumpkin carving competition. This one had my vote.

And Ajay found weights made just for him!

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