Thursday, 4 September 2014

Our Bodies Are Not Our Own

The other day as I was walking home from work this guy biked past me and shouted "Hey pretty!"

I never know how to react in these circumstances (feeling so flustered and exposed), and so I always react badly. This time I said something like "that's disgusting." Not my finest, I'll admit.

He stopped and asked me to repeat myself ("What did you say, huh?"), shocked that pretty could speak. And I, feeling so awkward and so... ashamed just gave him the finger over my shoulder and kept walking. Of course, as soon as I had done it I regretted it. I mean, why can't I come up with some witty comment? My sister jokingly told me that I should throw my tampon at him uproariously and say "even cotton goes where you cannot!" but I don't think I could ever go through with that.

And his last comment to me is what sealed that impression. After he got the message, so to speak, he responded with "Stupid fucking stuck up little cunt!"

Look, I realize I gave the guy the finger and that was poor on my part. But let's look at the situation. I wasn't even done up and to be honest I think that after a long day at the office I normally look like a dead woman walking. But I think what it really boils down to is that, despite being haggard (or maybe because of it) it was in that moment that I felt that my body was not my own and so I reacted in anger. My body was for someone else to judge, rate, comment on, and possibly even do with as they please, despite my concent. And when it was clear that his behaviour was not consensual I was suddenly unattractive and the lowest of low.

Listen guys, it's not a compliment even if that's how you mean it. It's street harassment and I don't want it. Here is an infographic (not of my making) that explains it better than the above td;lr:

The above image is, can you believe it, from Playboy. Well done Playboy.

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