Saturday, 30 August 2014

Last Days of Summer - Cottage Escape

Labour Day weekend for many Canadians is synonymous with "one last trip to the cottage." I've managed to get out of the city a few times this year, and had two great adventures to cottage country.

Our family cottage is a fairly long trek out of the city, but the sandy shores are worth it. My father and I took a road trip there, just the two of us, and got some much-needed bonding time. There are a two things we can do when mom isn't around: eat junk food and blast vintage rock.

The open road was so inviting, and I have a certain fixation with farm country. I think I've always wished to have grown up in a small country town. The kind where the nights are warm and you spend them drinking tall boys on bales of hay.

One of our all-important detours was to Super Burger in Owen Sound. The restaurant itself is in an old Toronto streetcar which is what makes it so charming, but also a tad confusing considering it's in the wrong city. The menu is full of old favourites with great big full-loaded burgers and chunky fries.

One of our other detours, of course, was the Dutch Store. Having grown up in the Netherlands I've acquired a taste for my salty liquorice and peanut-sauced fries. This little gem is a bit of home and something I can always look forward to on the way to the Cottage.

And finally the Sauble sign welcomed us back! I always know I've arrived when I see this aged sign, and with the sun just setting it is so charming.

The second trip to cottage country was to a friends place in Muskoka. Heading out into the great outdoors with friends is such a great way to spend a summer weekend, although really we only managed to make a day trip of it.

The water was so warm and inviting and we spent most of the day swimming or boating across the great lake. We cooked together, which is something I quite enjoy doing with friends, and opened what came to be an uncountable amount of bottles. Soon someone broke out a deck of cards and I got overly competitive (which is really no surprise). And when the Summer storm rolled in we, inebriated as we were, thought it would be a good idea to go skinnydipping. Well they were right (and thankfully no stupid accidents followed).

We made the best out of the short time we had and I think the dog was the happiest out of all of us.

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